Saturday, 29 September 2012

Welcome and Reflecting the practices of creating an Academic Blog (Week 1)

Fellow Participants,

I am S.Sankarakumar from PSG College of Technology, Coimabtore, India.  I have been working as Assistant Professor (Senior Grade) in English since 2001 and teaching 'Communication Skills in English' and 'Professional English' to the first year Under graduate students of Engineering and 'Professional Communication' and 'Managerial Communication' to Post Graduate students of Science and Business Administration.

It is my pleasure to be the part of this wonderful course on "Building Teaching Skills using Interactive Web".  I believe that the fellow participants would feel the same and hope to hone their skills of Teaching.  Creating a new blog is an excellent experience. Collaborating with the community of teachers which will provide a great opportunity to share the ideas and expertise with international scope and take us from known to unknown.  Let us hope that the next ten weeks would be more fruitful and the crux would ultimately reach the beneficiaries - the student community.
My blog address is as follows:
Title: Web Tools for Building Teaching Skills
and the link:

Happy blogging and All the best.


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