Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Reflecting the practices of creating an academic Blog (Week 1)

Hi Courtney and other fellow participants,


It is a wonderful experience to create a blog and to reflect the practices of our learning.  I created a blog during 2010 on my own to see how the things were working in a blog.  After that, I did not put serious efforts to have the blog opened and I did not add as many comments as possible.  Firstly, in India, there is no great awareness about the use of blogs and how effectively they can help in transferring knowledge to the student community.  Secondly, the students are willing to create an account in FaceBook and to share their videos streamed and shared the links to several others.  So, Blogging does not create much impact.

After attending a course on "Learning Management Systems", I started using 'Moodle' and found it very easier.  Blogs do create an impact when I do make comments on others works and especially when I shared the input on certain assignment topics of my learners.  They were fond of giving the feedback and appreciated the comments which were genuine and worthy.

I found it interesting when I created an academic blog for the class WIKI entitled 'Web Tools for Building Teaching Skills" for this on-line course.  I definitely feel and assure that the real assimilation of ideas and innovation will generate when the thoughts are shared and well received by others.  I immediately shared my weblog details to my colleagues and to the students about the link: http://teachingusingweb.blogspot.in  and they are very much looking forward to know the details of the course and different experts' opinion.

It is my pleasure to be the part of this course and to collaborate with the like minded colleagues.

Happy Blogging http://teachingusingweb.blogspot.in


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M.K.DEY said...

Hi Sankarakumar,
Glad to be your course-mate.
Your views on web tools and blogging is appreciated.They are needed today for all-teachers and learners.We need a peaceful globe by using technology effectively and purposefully.
Thanks.Be in touch.Bye.