Sunday, 14 October 2012

My Reflections on Week 2 - Web skills

Hi Courtney and dear colleagues,

Warm greetings.

It is a wonderful experience to come closure to the Second Week of this Web  Skills course.  I found myself excited to write  my experiences with others.

1.  I studied several information about web searching through Healey's article on 'Tech Tips' that is the basics of web searching.  We normally type the key word or the whole sentence in Search information bar.  Many a times, we receive the article based on the most relevant from google  or yahoo search only.  But we do not go beyond two pages.

2.  This noodle tools search engine, which is really an excellent  search engine.  I visited so many web links which provide accurate and up-to-date authentic information.  I shared this web link to my students of first year engineering and to my colleagues.  They enjoyed this  so much and I am planning to  provide some more web link.  Based on these web links, I plan  to conduct on-line quiz to the students.

3.  Plan to the final project-Step 1 is a wonderful experience.  I explained to the entire group about my learners and under which conditions they are eager to accomplish their task cut.  I learned the step by step process of creating the final project work.

 These practices which I believe are very handy and train us exceptionally ahead....


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